We all need a break from work. Usually it happens when we head home. Unfortunately, home is now the office and we see a lot of blurred lines.

So how do you, as an HR person ensure your employees have a great festive season?

Here are 7 ways to be the coolest HR -

1. Organise a virtual Diwali party — Like we mentioned in our previous article, send out invites, get people to decorate their work station, ask them to dress in traditional clothes. Just light it all up, virtually.

2. Organise interesting talks — Motivation is a rare…

Diwali evokes such fond feelings in us. The festival of lights — a time for family, friends and food. To make sure that the Pandemic does not cast its dark shadows on this lovely festival, we have come up with 5 cool things you can do to make sure your employees feel your love and care.

- A decoration contest: Ask your employees to decorate their workspace at home. Share tips on how they can do it. Maybe have a colour scheme. Ask them to send in pictures and ask the other employees to vote the best workspace.

- Host…

The pandemic has changed how we view everything — from schooling to travelling, from celebrations to entertainment. Is it then any wonder that gifting as we know it has also undergone a paradigm shift?

Digital Gifting has seen a tremendous growth in the past couple of months and it will only amplyfy in the near future.

Let’s look at 3 top reasons as to why Digital Gifting makes sense:

Simple and Efficient:
Mobile phones have become an integral part of the shopping experience. They are personal and they are handy. …

Echojoy Digital Gift Card
Echojoy Digital Gift Card

We are proud to present the Echojoy Digital Gift Cards that can be ordered and received via WhatsApp.

With the lockdown, we started looking at ways to help people continue celebrating life and hit upon the gifting via WhatsApp idea… because after all, the giving and receiving of gifts amongst loved ones is such a Joy!

A host of media covered this awesome news and we are feeling mighty kicked about it. Do check out some of the stories and order something special for someone you love — Echojoy Digital Gift Cards!

Publication: Business World

Headline: Echojoy Launches India’s First…

When you do good, it comes back to you three-fold!
Choosing to use the power of giving is one of the most important things you can do to transform your life and the life of others.

By giving out what you have without expecting anything in return, you start living a meaningful life. It gives immense pleasure which can be only experienced and is very difficult to explain and the best part? One is never at loss by sharing .

Sharing is not all about money or wealth. Charity is only one of its aspect. Sharing is about kindness, helpfulness…

Panic is uncool. It can happen under several circumstances — job interviews, toddler swallowing cat food, upcoming deadlines, teenager making perfect sense, forgetting to buy a gift after being reminded several times etc.

Panic and gifting go hand in hand. Both give rise to anxiety, raise the blood pressure, make you feel like a heel and can lead to severe relationship breakdowns.

Panic was the reason that got our founder thinking of possible solutions to last minute gifting woes. …

5 things women really want.

To be honest, most times they just want to be left alone to do their thing and to be themselves. That is the one line take-away. But here are 5 things that women really want:

Attention — This is a winner. The number one, golden rule for any relationship. If you get this right, you have got it made. Pay attention to the little things, to what she likes and what irritates her. Her favourite colour, her favourite shows, her go-to person in case of emergencies (this may not be you and there is no reason to be upset about…

Let us begin with saying, best of luck.

If you have forgotten an anniversary (or an important milestone), there are a couple of things that you can do to ensure your general mental and physical well-being. This includes:

Claim temporary amnesia — Get creative with how you have managed to acquire this particular malady. A word of caution though, keep your story simple because the more complicated it is, the deeper you will entrench yourself in the cesspool of misery.

Alien abduction — This story may work if your spouse is about 8 years old (in which case, you are…

Make a Millennial Bride Happy Today!
Make a Millennial Bride Happy Today!

Millennials are breaking every rule in the book, constantly re-inventing, re-thinking, re-structuring age old practices. Take the millennial brides for example. They have turned the typical marriage ceremonies on the head and are emerging to be these glorious brides who enjoy their traditions, even as they make it their own. They confidently flaunt their real self, from making unconventional choice of attire to riding bikes to their weddings. Is it a wonder then that they are the most difficult people to get the perfect wedding gift for?

The Millennials have strong likes and dislikes. However, it’s a known fact that…

How often has the envelope stuffed with money been our go-to gift? Be it a wedding, a birthday, a new baby or a promotion, out comes the wallet and the fancy envelope. Times are changing now, with the arrival of the Gift Cards.

Did you know, according to a survey conducted way back in 2006 in USA, gift cards ranked as the second-most given gift by consumers, the most-wanted gift by women, and the third-most wanted by males.

The gift card trend has caught on in India and is now a very popular idea.

Here are 3 reasons why Gift…


We believe in making people happy. We believe in gifts that matter. We are EchoJoy — the new buzzword in gifting.

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